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Case Studies and Projects


Here are examples of work we have undertaken:


Agribusiness dispute

Liens over Cattle, Statutory Liens, Possessory Liens, Storage Liens Act, Agistment, Stock Mortgages, Priorities. The Client is a cattle station owner who took on Agistment cattle for his neighbour. Unknown to the Client, the Cattle were subject to a stock mortgage in favour of a Bank. The neighbours subsequently…  READ MORE


Winding up proceedings

Winding Up , Statutory Demands, Corportations Act, Setting Aside Demand Supreme Court Application. A construction company engaged a Sydney Law Firm to issued a s 459E Corporations Act 2001 Statutory Demand on the client. Not responding to the Statutory within 21 days would effectively mean…  READ MORE


EPA & Technology Litigation

Trade Practices Act, Breach of Contract, Negligence, EPA issues. The Client is a successful hospitality business run by an established family in North Queensland. The business enjoyed an exceptionally successful reputation because…  READ MORE


Objection to WPH&S Prohibition Notice

Workplace Health & Safety, Agribusiness, Department of Employment and Industrial Relations, Appeal. The owner of a pastoral holding was issued a Prohibition Notice notice by Workplace Health and Safety requiring  motor bike musters to wear helmets…   READ MORE

Notable Achievements 

  1. Will and Estate dispute, $10 million secret transaction 20 years before death, unraveling complex history of financial transactions, undue influence by a sibling.

  2. Will dispute claim by brother against estate where will was drafted in “suspicious circumstances” cutting the brother out and unduly influenced by a sibling.

  3. Claim by a 25-year-old daughter on mother’s estate in circumstances where the stepdad of a four year marriage stood to benefit from the bulk of the estate plus breach of fiduciary duties and misconduct by the stepdad in a super claim for his benefit to the detriment of the daughters.

  4. Claim by wife against the husband, where the husband led a double life maintaining a secret relationship with another. The Husband suffered a stroke, became incapacitated and entitled to $400,000 disability insurance/superannuation claims against three insurance companies.  We obtained a favourable division of property in favour of our client/wife after numerous court contested appearances.

  5. Complex commercial dispute over jointly owned property by two superannuation funds previously handled by large law firm with no result after five years.  Sarinas Legal took over the action and successfully resolve the claim within 7 days.

  6. Action against shopping centre landlord by commercial tenant exposing misconduct and overcharging lease payments with successful termination of long-term lease that would have otherwise resulted in bankruptcy.

  7. Successful action against caravan dealership where the caravan sold failed to meet safety standards and required substantial re-engineering. Dealership forced to pay twice the cost of the caravan to satisfy our client’s grievances.

  8. Successful damages claim against social media control by National restaurant chain including cease and desist and removal of offensive posts.

  9. Successful defamation claim on behalf of national real estate agency against social media troll.

  10. Claim against rogue business partner for fraudulent business practices leading to the liquidation of rogue partners business interest and recovery of money back to our client.

  11. Competing claim between former wife v  de facto wife against superannuation company for the death benefits with successful action in favour of our client to the exclusion of the other party.

  12. Many successful contested superannuation/death benefits claim against insurance companies.

  13. Claim by wife against abusive husband who destroyed property, abandoned a successful family business to cause deliberate financial harm.  We secured court orders on behalf of the wife to command control over all of the assets of the relationship to achieve an orderly sale with favourable distribution to the wife plus costs to be paid by the husband.

  14. Successful defence of 30% claim by de facto wife against $8 million assets of de facto husband and exaggerated claims of financial contribution and involvement by the de facto wife in the business of the husband.  We resolve the matter successfully for the de facto husband for a less than 8% distribution.

  15. Successful defence of predatory practices by banks threatening foreclosure of agribusiness clients with complex native title claims and favourable resolution by avoiding the winding up of family business and bankruptcy.

  16. Successful defence of claims by banks threatening foreclosure on family assets including the family home and the successful renegotiation and refinancing of debt to a satisfactory conclusion with  circa 30% reduction in debt payout.

  17. Cerebral Palsy from unsafe birth / neo natal practices, catastrophic consequences for parents and child: $2million+

  18. Slip & Fall on aircraft stairs, airline employee, back and neck injury: $600,000+

  19. Telecommunications employee, psychiatric injuries from bad management change practices of employer and other workplace stress factors: $500,000+

  20. Mining employee, underground miner, unsafe rigging practices, back injury, walking impairment: $400,000+

  21. Labourer lifting cement bags onto a ute, severe back injury, multiple operations $800,000+

  22. $8 Million Class Action claim against private schools which employed  sexual abuse predator who hypnotized his students.

  23. Negligent needle insertion for blood sample causing permanent numbness.

  24. Building collapse injuring multiple claimants.


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