Immigration Law

Are you looking to work and/or live in Australia?

Australia is a country of fantastic opportunity and lifestyle.

Evan Sarinas is a registered migration agent holding Migration Agents Registration Number 1382527.

Immigration Law is complex and is buried in numerous court decisions, policies, legislation and regulations.


Sarinas Legal can advise you on the various pathways to residency in Australia including:


Employer Sponsored Pathway 

We can assist in the preparation of your application under the Employer Nomination Scheme which is a two-part process. The employer must be approved to nominate a skilled worker for residency and there are sponsorship requirements to be met. Applicants are required to meet English language competencies and have their skills assessed. There is also the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme for areas outside the major centres and the assessment is regarded as less stringent.


Skilled Pathway  

If you are migrating on a Skilled Visa you can apply for a permanent residency Visa.


Business Pathway 

Starting with a suitable business Visa temporary Visa, we can explain the objectives to fulfil the business requirements within Australia to then apply for a permanent business Visa.


Spouse Pathway 

If you are in a genuine relationship with an Australian Citizen we can guide you through the various complexities before being granted a permanent Visa.


Significant Investor Scheme

This is a recent initiative of the Australian Government providing new pathways for migrants who can invest $5 million in complying investments which include:

  • Direct investment into non-listed Australian companies;

  • State or Territory government bonds; and/or

  • ASIC managed funds with a mandate for investing in Australia


Student Pathway

We can also assist in fighting unfavourable decisions and can provide you with the services required in your application to become a resident.

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