Litigation & Disputes

All conflict is waged and won through strategy. Our litigation lawyers understand that there is an art to litigation and dispute resolution beyond the rules of court and legal procedure.


At Sarinas Legal, our litigation lawyers:

  • Formulate strategies for optimal results or a planned outcome in mind leading a team of qualified experts.

  • Undertake a cost/benefit risk analysis.

  • Bring together an expert team of consultants, financial analysts, and engineers to assist with the evidence.

  • Working with these specialists gives our clients better results in certain tasks such as finding or analysing evidence.

  • We may then engage a team of experienced investigators who will source and interview witnesses and gather information critical to the resolution of the case.


By utilising this efficient process, we help to reduce legal fees, while giving them the best chance of success. Sarinas Legal is at the cutting edge of law, and our litigation lawyers are no different. Our focus on efficiency and service has generated excellent and cost effective results against much larger firms, corporations and governments.


Our litigation lawyers cover a range of areas, including:

  • Commercial litigation, business disputes

  • Partnership disputes & defamation

  • Corporate litigation and shareholder disputes

  • Debt recovery, insolvency & bankruptcy

  • Property & landlord and tenant disputes,

  • Building and construction disputes

  • Franchising disputes

  • Estate disputes and trusts

  • Land resumption and compulsory acquisition

  • Statutory demands

  • Winding up applications


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