Women in Tatts

The famous Tattersalls Club in Brisbane (aka "Tatts") was formed in 1865 where its only male members could settle their horse racing bets. It is located in the Brisbane CBD and is described as a meeting venue for members with restaurants and a place for corporate and social functions.

Up until 2018 the rules only permitted male members. In 2018 a ballot was conducted and it was resolved to allow women to become members of the club.

However one member (Hogan) objected and took the club to court on the basis that the ballot conducted in 2018 was ineffective to amend the rules.

The court decided that it should not intervene in the internal affairs of voluntary associations.

The technicality that Hogan relied on was dismissed because there was substantial compliance with the rules of the club: “A court will not generally grant relief where all that can be shown is a minor breach of the rules without any apparent consequence for the integrity of the election”.

In the result Hogan lost his case and women are permitted to be members of Tattersalls Club breaking a 150 year tradition. The decision, handed down in February 2019 is known as Hogan v Fraser [2019] QSC 27.

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