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Why Choose Sarinas Legal?


The 7 Secrets to Court Action:
  1. Case Building: We start building your case from the moment we meet you making sure we encapsulate the minute detail we need to represent you.

  2. Strategy: We strategise an action plan that pulls together the evidence required to prove 2 essential matters:

    • Liability - that is, why they are liable; and

    • Quantum - the amount they are liable for.

  3. Pressure: By setting action time frames we apply pressure to move your case rapidly towards conclusion.

  4. Tenacity: All litigation is fraught with a degree of uncertainty. We don’t give up when the going gets tough. We roll up our sleeves and box on.

  5. Knowledge: Laws are complex.  The factual matrix of a case can be complex and requiring technical legal skill.  We make it our              business to research, understand and demystify the legal concepts to maximise success.

  6. Commitment: If we take on your case, it’s because we believe in you.

  7. Experience: Evan Sarinas has been fighting court cases for over 25 years.  Evan Sarinas has achieved remarkable results against the        odds and in circumstances where other lawyers have failed.

Why choose Sarinas Legal as your Lawyer?

Our Experience with Some Opponent Law Firms
  • Lawyers making spurious/exaggerated claims that aren’t backed up with evidence or derived from poor legal knowledge.

  • Lawyers who can’t think outside of the square.

  • Lawyers who are only “book smart”  but lack maturity and practical know how.

  • Indifference to early resolution and increasing legal costs.

  • Failure to plan for the reality and cost of  litigation when negotiations breakdown.

  • Poor initial advice that becomes embarrassing to resile from.

  • Complicated hourly rate charging regime where the cost is not known until the end of the case


  • Aggressive pursuit of rightful claims / Aggressive defence of wrongful claims against you.

  • Energetic, creative, articulate …. results driven.

  • Mature, sensible and practical approach to quick resolution: 25 years experience in Family Law.

  • Negotiation know how and strategy for early resolution.

  • Litigation /Court Dispute expertise

  • Early case building, gathering and assessment of evidence.

  • Upfront, clear and realistic advice.

  • Fixed Fees known before you start.

The Benefits of Fixed Fee Billing

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Fixed Fee Billing
  • We tell you what the fee will be as an EXACT AMOUNT before we start work.

  • The fee is fixed.  It doesn’t change.

  • Allows us to:

    • Maximise our time on your case.

    • Improve outcomes.

    • Focus on results.

  • ​We don’t charge extra for photocopying and faxes and emails.


Hourly Billing Regimes
  • You will never know until the end of your matter…. When it’s too late.

  • Can  contain hidden extras such as:

    • A percentage uplift for “care and consideration” of an additional 15-30%. 

    • Photocopy and fax charge for each page adding $Thousands.

  • Incentivises poor performance.

  • Leads to delay.

  • Is open to manipulation.

  • Puts pressure on the lawyer to justify their existence to the firm.

  • Focus is on maintain “time sheets”.

  • Causes the lawyer to focus on wasteful administrative practices at your expense.

  • Photocopying and fax charges can add $Thousands.

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