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Need Legal Help in Townsville?

Sarinas Legal has you covered. Our experienced lawyers are dedicated to guiding you through any legal challenge. We provide personalised support for optimal outcomes.

We focus on pragmatic and low-conflict legal solutions, empowering and educating our clients during the family law process.

The right legal advice is essential for business success, especially in these unpredictable and fast-paced times.

Let us handle the stress of the claim whilst you focus on your health, rehabilitation and recovery.

We have extensive experience in efficiently challenging a Will, defending an Estate and seeking orders and injunctions in relation to Executors/Trustees.

Property Law is a complex area of law that we keep simple for you, with swift, tailored advice you can understand and trust.

Our team of talented litigation lawyers have a combined 50 years of experience and knowledge in litigation and dispute resolution.

A team of lawyers from a law firm in townville

Fixed Fee Billing. Proven Track Record. Quick Action.  Clear Advice.​ ​


We embrace a passion for results, critical thinking, efficiency and high-quality service that is value for money. ​ We're great listeners, tenacious advocates and master negotiators. ​ Let us simplify your life  with personalised legal solutions that are as unique as you are.

At Sarinas Legal, We're Different.

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