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Property Law

At Sarinas Legal, your conveyance and property matters are entrusted to a qualified Property Lawyer.


We ensure you receive comprehensive and tailored advice at every step of the transaction.

When negotiation is needed, you can trust our expert team to advocate assertively for you, protecting your rights and interests.

Our Suite of Property Law Services Include: 

  • Body Corporate Disputes; 

  • Easements; 

  • Resumption advice and compensation;

  • Caveats.

  • Commercial conveyancing; 

  • Residential conveyancing; 

  • Commercial and Shop Leases; 

  • Lease Disputes;  

  • Severing Joint Tenancies; 

Property Law is a complex area of law that we keep simple for you, with tailored advice and personal service you can understand.

This is why we are the preferred law firm for Townsville's most trusted Real Estate Agents.

Property Law Case Studies:

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