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Case Study: Unfair Distributions

We acted for a deserving client who brought a Family Provision Claim against the Estate of his late Mum. Whilst the Estate was quite modest, our client was suffering great financial hardship, and had a genuine and great need for further financial provision from the Estate.

Our client’s siblings had been gifted land during their parents’ lifetimes, which they built family homes on. Our client was not gifted such property despite having a close and loving relationship with his parents.

Our client was a full-time carer for his seriously ill partner who required extensive and expensive medical care for her permanent and debilitating medical condition, leaving them both unable to work.

Our client had his own declining health issues, and was barely making ends meet. We applied to the court arguing that he a significant need for provision from the Estate to help cover the cost of medical expenses and the cost of living, and that this was fair and equitable given that the other siblings had been gifted property from the parents during their lifetime and all had substantial assets and gainful employment.

We were able to amicably resolve the matter, which helped to eased our client’s financial burdens and ensure he received a fair inheritance.

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