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How to Combat Aggressive Lawyers

Updated: Jun 5

In this video I explain how we deal with "aggressive lawyers".

How to Combat Aggressive Lawyers


A common misconception is that you need an aggressive lawyer to win your case.


This isn’t the case at all.


We would argue that you should be seeking out an assertive lawyer, not an aggressive one.


Aggressive tactics can harm your case if perceived by the judge as overly confrontational, intimidating, unprofessional and/or unethical.


In our experience, aggressive lawyers are often driven by pride and ego, and thus tend to lose sight of the big picture. Aggressive tactics often create unnecessary legal skirmishes between the parties which can consequently:


  • delay the progression of the case and prolong outcomes;

  • jeopardise potential opportunities for the parties to compromise and resolve the dispute;

  • unnecessarily and wastefully drive up legal costs for both parties.


Your lawyer should be fearlessly assertive in presenting your case, but not aggressive.


Successful and effective lawyers are those who are experiences and knowledgeable, pragmatic and commercially mature, with the necessary astuteness to investigate and analyse the evidence the evidence in the dispute and raise the genuine issues for resolution.  

At the end of the day, facts and evidence, together with a tactically-minded lawyer, are what win cases – especially controversial and complex ones.


Our team of dispute resolution and litigation lawyers at Sarinas Legal have more than 50 years combined experience.


At Sarinas Legal, we have skills, tactics, tenacity and experience needed to successful deal with aggressive lawyers.

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