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Essential Steps After a Car Accident in Queensland

After experiencing a car accident in Queensland, Australia, it's important to follow a structured process to ensure your safety, comply with legal requirements, and protect your interests.

In this blog, we will outline a brief but relevant step-by-step guide on what to do.

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Ensure Safety

The first thing to do is stay calm and ensure that everyone involved in the accident is safe.

Move to a safe location if possible, and check if anyone is injured. Do not move anyone who is seriously injured unless there is a hazard requiring immediate movement.

Call Emergency Services

If there are any injuries, significant damage to vehicles, or hazards such as leaked fluids or debris, call 000 for emergency services (police, fire, ambulance).

Exchange Information

Exchange names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance details with the other drivers involved.

Also remember to collect the names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident, including passengers in each vehicle.

If you have a smartphone, taking photos of the drivers’ licenses and insurance cards can be helpful.

Document the Scene

Take photographs of the accident scene, including all vehicles involved, any visible damage, the surrounding area, and any relevant road signs or signals.

These can be crucial for insurance claims and any legal issues that might arise.

Report the Accident

In Queensland, you must report the accident to the police if anyone is injured or if there is property damage where the owner is not present.

You can do this at any police station, or by calling Policelink on 131 444 if advised to do so.

Keep a note of your QP Number for the accident, as this will be needed by third parties.

Notify Your Insurer

Contact your insurance provider as soon as possible to report the accident.

Provide them with all the relevant information (including the QP Number) and cooperate with them to process your property damage claim.

Seek Medical Attention and Treatment

Even if you think you are not seriously injured, it is a good idea to see a doctor after an accident, especially for children, pregnant women and those with medical conditions or other vulnerabilities.

Some injuries may not be immediately apparent and it's not uncommon for some symptoms for example, some soft tissue injuries like whiplash) to start appearing days after an accident.

Helpful information can be found on the Motor Accident Insurance Commission website:

if you suffer bruising or grazing from the impact of the accident, ensure you take photos.

Keep Records

Keep a record of all medical treatments, radiology reports, hospital discharge paperwork, receipts, and any other expenses related to the accident.

These documents can be important for subsequent steps that may need to be taken.

Consider Legal Advice

If the accident involves significant damages, injuries, or if you are facing potential legal action from the other parties involved, consider seeking legal advice.

A lawyer can help you understand your rights and obligations under Queensland law, including situations where the car at fault is not insured.

Follow Up

If you’ve reported the accident to the police or your insurance company, follow up to ensure that all necessary paperwork is being processed.

Stay in contact with your insurance company to know the status of your claim.


Following these steps can help you manage the aftermath of a car accident more effectively and ensure that you comply with legal requirements in Queensland.

For guidance and support in navigating the aftermath of a car accident in Queensland, contact Sarinas Legal today.

Our team of personal injury lawyers and can provide you with the assistance you need to protect your rights and interests. Don't face the complexities of post-accident procedures alone.

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